Lower Your Blood Pressure with Chiropractic Care

Lower Your Blood Pressure with Chiropractic Care | AICA SnellvilleChiropractic care can provide you with a variety of health benefits ranging from pain relief due to car accident to better functioning of your digestive system. You may also be pleased to know that the use of chiropractic care can help to reduce your blood pressure. Additional information about how a chiropractic adjustment can help with your hypertension is discussed below.

Hypertension and an Atlas Adjustment

An Atlas adjustment involves the C-1 vertebrae, which is thought to serve as the “body’s fuse box.” While problems with this vertebra may not cause any pain, it can upset the major control centers of the body that are responsible for muscle controls. By using a gentle adjustment to this vertebra to ensure its proper alignment, your chiropractor can ensure that it is in its proper position so that it is able to do its job.

Some researchers have also suggested that injuring the C-1, or Atlas vertebra, may affect the proper flow of blood in the arteries found at the bottom of the skull. Some chiropractors feel that misalignment of the C-1 can cause a release of signals that causes these arteries to contract. Doctors who have noticed problems with this vertebra and have sent their patients to see a chiropractor have noticed that an alignment has helped their patient’s blood pressure to normalize, and some of them were even able to stop taking prescription medications for hypertension.

While there is a great likelihood that patients with high blood pressure are in need of an Atlas adjustment, more research is needed in the field. Researchers still need to identify and clarify exactly which types of patients may benefit from this treatment. Additionally, research is needed to determine other health conditions that may be caused by misalignment of the C-1.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can lower your blood pressure without the use of prescription medications, talk to your Snellville chiropractor today about this and other benefits of chiropractic care.

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