Chiropractic News Headlines for 2013

Nov 20, 2013

Chiropractic News Headlines for 2013The year 2013 is proving to be a big one for the field of chiropractic care. Some of the biggest chiropractic news stories so far are mentioned below:

Research Supports Chiropractic before Pursing Spinal Fusion Surgery

In 2013, government articles and reports highlighted and questioned the increase in U.S. spinal fusion surgeries. In response to this report, the ACA issued a statement to encourage healthcare providers and patients alike to consider a conservative treatment plan to correct back pain before pursing these invasive measures. Keith Overland, president of the ACA, stated that research indicates conservative treatments should be used as the “first-line defense” when up against pain. By pursuing chiropractic care, patients will avoid expensive health care costs and could completely avoid the need for a riskier treatment.

Increased Movement Can Lead to Pain- Joints

In September 2013, chiropractors and the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) began to raise awareness about joint health. Specifically, the importance of physical activity in maintaining healthy joints was addressed. Many people associate joint pain with joint replacement surgery as a correction method, but they often don’t know that lifestyle changes can make a world of difference. In addition to keeping joints healthy, simply getting up to move around and exercise can also prevent patients from needing invasive surgeries. Visit our Snellville chiropractors to learn more about chiropractic care.

The ACA Represents the Chiropractic Profession at Legislative Summit

Every summer, the National Conference of State Legislatures’ hosts a four day legislative summit, and on August 12, 2013, the ACA represented the chiropractic profession and the interests of its patients at this convention. The 2013 Summit consisted of over 100 policy sessions, and many focused on the implementation of healthcare reform. Keith Overland, president of the ACA, felt it was vital to have the chiropractic field present in order to ensure that essential services that are provided by chiropractors are included in the healthcare reform policies.