Accident Injury Versus Wellness Chiropractic

Dec 18, 2013

It is becoming increasingly common for chiropractic professionals to choose an area of specialization for their practice. While some chiropractors may focus on accident and injury rehabilitation, other chiropractors may focus on overall health and wellness and preventative measures. Information about these two specialties is discussed below.

Accident Injury Specialty

Chiropractors who focus on treating accident injuries are skilled in techniques that can relieve pain and restore patients’ health. This can include rehabilitative care, which helps patients to restore endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. Spinal decompression, sometimes known as flexion and distraction tables may also be used to decompress the spine while removing irritation on constricted nerves. This technique is used for disc injuries that involve back and accompanying leg pain.

Electrical stimulation is also used in the accident and injury specialty of the chiropractic profession. This therapeutic treatment can assist in pain relief, heal soft tissue, and help with the recovering process faster than other treatment options. Here is more information about chiropractic care for whiplash injuries from the previous article.

Health and Wellness

Chiropractors who specialize in overall health and wellness focus on preventative care. They offer services like nutritional counseling, exercise and stretching techniques, and therapy. Chiropractors can provide guidance on dietary changes that will help a patient maintain optimal health and other factors like exercise, medical history, current symptoms, and past injuries will also be taken into account.

Periodic chiropractic adjustments may also be completed in order to promote health and wellness. In this adjustments, your chiropractor will apply a controlled and sudden force onto a joint in the spine. This can be done without causing any pain to the spine, as an adjustment can improve the physical functioning of a body while correcting structural alignment.

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