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Accident Prevention, Chiropractic, Injury Recovery | Jan 18, 2017

Common Workplace Injuries Treated By Snellville Chiropractors

Although cases of non-fatal work-related injuries and illnesses continue to decrease in the United States, there are still millions of employees who file worker's compensation cases each year. These incidents comprise of everything from basic sprains and muscle tears to severe head and neck damage. According to a recent study…


Injury Recovery | Feb 14, 2022

Why Would I Be Referred to a Neurologist?

If you've been seeing a physical therapist or chiropractor following an accident or injury, it can seem scary, but there are many reasons why you may be referred to a neurologist. While your chiropractic and physical therapy team can evaluate and treat certain ailments, there are certainly symptoms beyond their…

Importance of Hydration in Injury Prevention

General, Injury Recovery | Jun 27, 2022

The Importance of Hydration in Injury Prevention

Did you know that the human body is over 60% water? While you have probably heard about the importance of staying hydrated and drinking water throughout the day, few people get the recommended daily amount. Your body depends on water for so much, from keeping your organs functioning properly to…

Recovering from Car Accident Burns

General, Injury Recovery | Aug 14, 2022

Recovering from Car Accident Burns

Despite being a rare occurrence during car accidents, fires can happen and open flames are the easiest way to suffer a burn injury. The moments following a car accident are often disorienting. If a fire is involved in a car accident, this adds uncertainty to the scene. Any car accident…

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