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Our Snellville chiropractors provide the best possible medical solution through state of the art technology. We’re experienced in chiropractic, physical therapy and other non-surgical solutions that will bring you back to wellness. If you care about your health, and also the way that your health care is administered, we’re the perfect solution to your pain and your pocketbook. Yes, at our clinic you can have both.

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Injury Diagnostics

We make use of X-rays and MRIs to detect hidden tissue damage, which is also an option with our office that you won’t find with every practitioner. Our state-of-the-art MRI machine can discover issues inside your body that we can work to correct. Pain is no joke. When you take it seriously, as we do, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble down the line. That’s our goal, and the best way we can help you reach it, especially after an accident, is with a call.

Quick, Professional Care

Putting off care isn’t an option if you’re feeling any active, residual pain or a loss of motion. One of our top goals is to keep you from chronic pain and restricted movement. The indicator is how you feel. Even if you’ve been to the emergency room, the best defense is a good chiropractic analysis of your condition.



In many cases, patients pay nothing out of pocket to be treated at AICA.



If your car was damaged in an accident, how will you get to the medical practice? Call us!



Injuries don’t always happen at convenient times, so our team is available to help around the clock.



When you’re in pain, waiting is not an option. Call us to get seen today.



AICA is happy to work with most major insurances and will file the billing for you.

Snellville’s Only Multi-Specialty Chiropractic

We provide you with the best chiropractic and multi-discipline approach you’ll find. That’s because we don’t just have excellent chiropractors. We also have other specialists, such as physical therapists, chiropractors, and neurologists. We provide chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries that actually treat various conditions including Whiplash.


Before we’re able to treat your injuries, we need to know the full extent of them. That’s why our first order of business is to use various imaging methods to clearly see and diagnose your injuries before we discuss treatment options.

Orthopedic Spine & Joint

Chiropractic care involves treating more than just the bones and joints of the body—it also looks at muscles and even the nervous system. Our certified team members have worked in their fields of expertise for years and fully understand everything needed to diagnose and treat injuries.

Neuro Spine

We often use spinal manipulation as a way of treating pain and restoring mobility. This chiropractic procedure is only done by certified professionals who understand how careful adjustments impact your overall body.

Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures

In many cases, you have other options than surgery. We make use of as many non-surgical methods as possible to treat your pain, but when surgery is the only option, we look at procedures that are minimally invasive first, then move on to full orthopedic surgery options when necessary.


In addition to orthopedic and chiropractic excerpts, we also have trained neurologists on our team. Our staff works closely together to treat neurological issues such as memory loss, headache, nerve pain, and dizziness.