Snellville Chiropractic Treatment For Car Accident Injuries

You’ve been in an accident, and you know that you need help. Even if it wasn’t a major accident – you may be suffering from injuries that you think will go away. It’s an understandable assumption, except minor injuries have a habit of creeping back when we least expect them. As you get older, any injuries that were left unattended often reassert itself, which means today – soon after the accident – is the best time to get the Chiropractic help that can make a real difference and push off chronic ailments down the line. After an accident that hurt your neck, shoulders or spine, you need a Snellville Chiropractor. Especially if you’re interested in avoiding invasive medicines, prescriptions and the possibility of surgery. There is a lot of damage that an experienced chiropractor can help you recover from in a low impact manner, which would take a typical doctor high-impact treatments or surgery to repair. A Snellville car accident injury Chiropractor is a facilitator, who helps your body only where it needs assistance and then does no more. Perhaps that sounds to you like common sense, but to the vast majority of the medical community, more is considered better. We say that “just enough” is perfect. Anything above that is more than the body needs and counterproductive. So if you’ve been injured in an accident, give us a call now – 24/7 – at (404) 889-8826, and we’ll schedule an appointment.

We’re Your Car Accident Treatment Center

We have a great track record of helping auto accident victims get back on their feet. Whether you’re suffering from:

  • Whiplash
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Stress

We have the treatment options that are designed to help you regain mobility, eliminate pain and regain your lifestyle.

Neck Injury Treatment

When you’re rear-ended with minor to significant force, your neck will crane back and then ricochet back, arching down at an acute angle because your upper body is held in place by the safety belt. It forces an extraordinary amount of tension at the hinge point of your neck, injuring the vertebrae involved and bruising soft tissue and the muscles that surround those bones. This movement is called whiplash, and it’s the most common ailment after an accident that brings people to a chiropractor. At AICA Snellville we have a number high velocity / low impact treatments that can help restore function and reduce pain in your neck after an accident. The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner you’ll recover.


This is the technical term for a partial dislocation. As a Chiropractor, we’re talking about subluxations of vertebrae and disks in the spine. While strictly speaking it isn’t possible for these joints to being fully dislocated, a partial dislocation in the back is common.However, it doesn’t have to hurt. Which means after an accident, it’s always a good idea to head over to your local chiropractor for an exam, because he can discover things using his sense of touch, X-ray and even temperature monitors that may indicate you have a subluxation that can be treated, giving you increased well-being. After a Chiropractic Adjustment, you may notice a release in physical tension. That’s because the joints have been loosened, ing nerves that were blocked by subluxations in the spine. That can lead to a host of benefits, from easier movement all the way to an increased life-span. And remember, just because a car accident is extremely minor, doesn’t mean that your back has the same opinion; even five miles per hour is enough to trigger a subluxation – a trip to your chiropractor.

Common Car Accident Injury Symptoms Treated By Snellville Chiropractors

After an accident, you may have trouble focusing, sleeping, eating or regaining your previous way of life. You can have migraines, pains in your jaws and face. All of this is known by Chiropractors, and our treatments leave you feeling worlds better.

Call AICA Snellville’s Car Accident Injury Chiropractors For Pain Relief

So if you’ve been injured in an accident, give us a call now – 24/7 – at (404) 889-8826, and we’ll schedule an appointment. Even if you have insurance issues, the at-fault party is responsible, so whatever the circumstances, make sure that you get your due.