Orthopedic Doctors in Snellville

AICA Orthopedics in Snellville provides a unique approach to patient care with a multi-specialty team of doctors all located in one convenient location. Our team of multi-specialty doctors includes orthopedic doctors with specialties that include car accident injuries, sports medicine, and spinal surgery. Our orthopedic doctors are highly skilled and equipped to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries for patients of all ages. AICA Orthopedics provides each patient with an individualized treatment plan to address your specific diagnosis, medical history, and symptoms so you can experience lasting relief. If you find yourself searching for “orthopedic doctors near me,” choose AICA Orthopedics for our comprehensive approach from initial examination and diagnosis through rehabilitation and recovery.

Our teams of orthopedic doctors in Snellville meet with patients in our full-service orthopedic center where all referrals and diagnostic imaging are handled on location for ease and convenience. Orthopedics is a specific branch of medicine that studies the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Our orthopedic doctors at AICA Orthopedics utilize both non-surgical and surgical options to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and issues, including back pain, joint pain, and sports injuries. Our orthopedic doctors often work in collaboration with chiropractors, neurologists, and physical therapists to provide each person with a treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your care.

Conditions Orthopedic Doctors Treat

Orthopedic doctors can treat a wide variety of conditions that affect the skeletal system as well as all of its interconnecting tissues. The musculoskeletal system includes your bones and muscles as well as other tissues like ligaments and tendons. Orthopedic conditions can occur due to injury, overuse, age-related wear and tear on the body, or conditions that have been present since birth. The most common reasons patients seek out treatment for pain tend to involve back and neck pain and joint pain in the knees, shoulders, and hips. Orthopedic doctors can also address broken bones, also known as fractures, and joint problems with the outer extremities like hands, wrists, feet, and ankles.


Orthopedic doctors can provide diagnosis and treatment for progressive diseases like arthritis. Arthritis involves swelling in the joints that makes movement uncomfortable. You may notice stiff joints that are red and warm to the touch. Arthritis develops when the cartilage in the joints starts to break down and the bones of the joint start to rub against one another. There are several types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. At AICA Orthopedics, our team of orthopedic doctors diagnose and treat arthritis and help provide you with effective pain relief.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries tend to affect multiple parts of the musculoskeletal system, which makes it easy to visit an orthopedic doctor to address all your pain symptoms. Athletes continue to develop physical strength, endurance, and agility that can be strongly impacted by an injury. While many people associate contact sports like football with common sports injuries, it is actually just as common to sustain an injury in other types of sports and recreational activities. Common sports injuries that require a visit to the orthopedic doctor include muscle sprains and strains, dislocations, and even broken bones.

Car Accident Injuries

The most common type of car accident injuries tends to involve the neck and back. Whiplash affects the head, neck, and upper back when the force of the accident causes your head and neck to snap violently forward and backward, causing damage to the spine and muscles. Seat belts are safety features designed to prevent your body from being ejected from the vehicle due to a crash, though they cannot always protect you from injury. While scrapes and bruises are easy to identify, other hidden injuries can take time to show signs and symptoms.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains occur in muscles and ligaments that connect two bones together, while strains are a type of injury that affects tendons, muscles, or other soft tissues that attach muscle to bone. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons can develop sprains and strains due to repetitive motions, overuse, and injuries. The first line of defense for sprains and strains is usually to rest the affected area and alternate ice and heat therapies to address swelling, tenderness, and stiff muscles. However, when a sprain or strain starts to affect your ability to move through your day without experiencing pain then it’s time to see an orthopedic doctor.

Diagnostic Techniques for Orthopedic Doctors

AICA Orthopedics in Snellville offers all diagnostic imaging technologies in-house so you can meet with your orthopedic doctor and undergo the necessary examinations all in one convenient location. Orthopedic doctors may use a combination of X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to get a clearer picture of how your musculoskeletal system has been affected to help them determine the most accurate diagnosis. X-rays provide images of bones, which can help identify dislocations and fractures. CT scans and MRIs take clear pictures of not only your bones but also your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues to help identify any damage.

Individualized Treatment Plans with Orthopedic Doctors

No two injuries are alike and no two bodies respond the exact same way to wear and tear on the body. That’s why our team of orthopedic doctors at AICA Orthopedics in Snellville develop individualized treatment plans based on their careful and accurate diagnoses. Individualized treatment plans provide orthopedic doctors with the flexibility to address the root cause of the issue without having to follow a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t work for everyone. Whether you are in need of an orthopedic doctor for arthritis pain relief or an orthopedic injury, our orthopedic doctors and multi-specialty team of doctors are here to help.

You shouldn’t have to live with chronic pain and let it keep you from experiencing the activities you used to enjoy. Visit our orthopedic doctors at AICA if you have had pain in your bones, muscles, or joints that just doesn’t seem to go away. The sooner you meet with one of our knowledgeable and skilled orthopedic doctors, the sooner you can get started experiencing relief from your pain. Our orthopedic doctors provide both short-term and long-term solutions for your pain so you can start healing and experience lasting recovery. If you notice your pain is keeping you from daily activities or notice that you aren’t able to move as much as you used to, then visit our orthopedic doctors for a consultation and get started on a path to true pain relief.

Comprehensive Care at AICA Orthopedics in Snellville

At AICA Orthopedics in Snellville, our multi-specialty team of doctors includes orthopedic doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, and physical therapists who work together to provide you with the comprehensive care you deserve. From diagnosis through recovery, our team is here to help you all in one convenient location. Learn more about our conservative, non-invasive approaches to musculoskeletal pain and treatment with our team of chiropractors and physical therapists, while our orthopedic doctors and neurologists can talk you through both non-surgical and surgical options to address your illness or injury.

Whether you are struggling with arthritis or have a child with a sports injury, our AICA Orthopedics team is here to help. We have doctors who specialize in sports injuries, car accident injuries, and all types of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders so you can get the comprehensive care you need at our Snellville location.