Chiropractic Care for Arthritis in Snellville Residents

Jul 10, 2015

Chiropractic Care for Arthritis in Snellville ResidentsThe secret of chiropractic care for arthritis for Snellville residents. Wouldn’t you like to know it? Read on, because arthritis isn’t something to take lightly. When you’re trying to get the best treatment, you may be in a situation that you can no longer control.

Forms of Arthritis

There are two general forms of arthritis – rheumatoid arthritis, which afflicts all ages and is a genetic condition that often affects multiple joints, and osteoarthritis, which is caused by aging or wearing of the joints after an injury.

For all of these and following symptoms, there is always an option of seeking out your local chiropractor and getting help that only a spine specialist can provide. Because the nerves are involved in everything that we do, and they’re housed in the spine – people can be helped with a visit to the chiropractor even for joint pain in the extremities.

Chiropractic care has successfully healed or reduced the symptoms of both forms of arthritis, and can help with following varieties – especially here in the South where the weather helps…

Weather and Arthritis

Many doctors agree that people will get a worsening of their arthritic symptoms when the weather changes. While the application of hot compresses and hot baths or showers can loosen the muscles and stop pain, easing stiff joints. Ice compresses can stop the inflammation that you’re experiencing inside of the joints.

However there isn’t evidence that the climate of a region will increase joint damage, or heal it. There is evidence that it can help the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis – namely that a warmer climate has a positive effect on muscle relaxation.

What that means for certain arthritis sufferers in Snellville is that the warm climate gives your chiropractor an extra push to help stop chronic pain.


Exercise can help keep your joints stronger, and give your surrounding muscles more power to stabilize the joints. Ask your chiropractor what kinds of exercises are best for your condition.

However, across the board, warming up the muscles with aerobic movement and stretching prior to exercise is an important step in keeping muscle pain and cramping at bay.

Doing this in a warmer climate is also easier than in a colder northern locale.


Joint pain may also be caused by lupus, which is a disease of inflammation in the internal organs that can spread inflammation to the joints. While not arthritis per se, inflammation in the joints that’s left unchecked can eventually cause physical damage, leading to osteoarthritis.

Living in a sunny climate can actually be detrimental to lupus patients, because they have a sensitivity to UV sunlight, known as photosensitivity.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Lesser known is Raynaud’s Phenomenon, which has arthritis as part of the condition. The blood vessels will spasm, lowering the blood count and cutting off blood from the extremities. At that point the joints, finger and toes will begin to turn white and then blue because of lack of blood. Suddenly the vessels will open again, sending a flush of blood back into the digits.

In Raynaud’s Phenomenon, the onset of spasm is caused by changes in temperature – often to cold ones – making those who live here in a warm climate less exposed to the vagaries of the disease, and also less likely to need increased heating.

(However, those who do suffer from Raynaud’s Phenomenon should ask about discounts from the power companies to those who need more electricity for weather related ailments.)

Calling a Chiropractor

Even with these lesser known ailments – chiropractic care is a great option when you’re interested in a low impact method of care to complement your primary care doctor. Calling a chiropractor is easy, inexpensive and usually covered by your insurance.