Seeing a Snellville Spine Doctor for your Spinal Pain

More than ever, spinal health is a concern for many Americans. Most often, the lower back (or lumbar region) and neck (or cervical region) are the areas where the spine causes the most pain, possibly because these areas are the most likely to bear weight and are flexible. The ability to twist, bend, and move in these areas makes them more likely to be used, and therefore injured, than the rest of the spine. However, the entire spine is critical to your health and overall movement, so if any part of it is not functioning well, it can have serious impacts on your quality of life.

If you are experiencing any sort of spinal pain, a spine doctor at AICA Snellville will be able to help you identify the root cause of this pain and develop a plan to improve your spinal health over time. With a wealth of knowledge, our experts have been able to relieve discomfort and pain for people with all kinds of spinal conditions.

Why Spinal Pain Happens

While you may think of spinal pain as simply a bone, it is actually crucial to many of your bodily functions. The spine is the center of all communication between your body parts, organs, and nerves. Each of the 33 vertebrae in the spine must be aligned properly and working well to allow this communication to happen as it should so that the body can function normally. When this occurs, each vertebra can reliably send messages to corresponding parts of the body; when this isn’t happening, you may experience obvious symptoms.

Depending on the cause, spine pain can range from mild to excruciating, can be present in any portion of the spine, and may even radiate to other parts of the body like the neck, hips, or legs. For this reason, the AICA Snellville spine doctors are trained in a wide variety of spinal problems and symptoms. Our team specializes in issues of the bones, ligaments, and connective tissue, or musculoskeletal issues. These may include sciatica, scoliosis, osteoporosis, ruptured discs, spinal pain, spinal stenosis, or fractured vertebrae.

You may or may not know the cause of your spinal discomfort. If you don’t, our team is able to help you identify the root cause of your pain before developing a personalized plan designed to get you back to your previous level of activity and comfort. Often, this improves not only your pain, but also your overall health and wellness.

Common Causes of Spinal Pain

In some cases, there is an obvious cause of pain, like a traumatic or car accident injury. But other times, minor movements may lead to your discomfort and you aren’t able to pinpoint the exact reason for your condition. Some of the most common reasons people visit AICA Snellville spine doctors include:

  • Heavy lifting, or improper lifting
  • Repetitive motions like typing or sports participation
  • Medical conditions that can impact the spine and health, including scoliosis
  • A sedentary lifestyle that allows muscles to weaken in the back, leaving the spine vulnerable to injury and pain over time
  • Aging that leads to weakened vertebrae, allowing discs to bulge. Bulged discs press on nerves and cause herniated discs, degeneration of discs, and even spinal stenosis

Regardless of your activity levels, you should be aware of your spine and take note of any pain or unusual symptoms so that you can seek care in a timely manner. Common symptoms can include:

  • Reduced range of motion
  • Trouble sitting up, pain while sitting up
  • Pain while standing or walking
  • Pain when lifting objects
  • Stiff or tight sensation in the upper or lower back
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Tenderness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Dull or sharp back pain



At AICA Snellville, our experts have access to digital on-site X-rays at every location. This tool is a great starting point for diagnosis for anyone suffering from joint or spinal pain


Too often, injuries are missed when patients only receive X-rays, as they look at a two-dimensional view of the bones only. An MRI looks at the entire area, giving your spine doctor a view of the surrounding tissue that may have been recently injured so no problem is missed.


Diagnosis of Spinal Conditions

At AICA Snellville, we rely on both our expert physicians and sophisticated imaging technology to assist with diagnosing spinal injury and conditions. At your initial visit, you will undergo a physical exam and discuss your symptoms with a spine doctor, allowing them to understand your concerns and begin tracing the root cause of your problems. They may also ask you to perform certain simple tests to assess your physical ability.

In addition to this hands-on portion of the consultation, AICA Snellville also offers a number of advanced diagnostic imaging tools to provide more accurate information on your internal wellbeing. Many clients will start by undergoing an x-ray, which provides a very quick turnaround on images on the bones. This can identify or rule out obvious breaks and bone concerns like arthritis or dislocated joints.

When x-ray imaging is not conclusive, you can also use our advanced imaging procedures. CT Scans can create 3D images of the inside of the body, showing not just bones but organs and other tissues, from a variety of angles. A CT scan may display a number of conditions that could not be seen on an x-ray. MRIs are another form of scan that can identify problems in the soft tissue, muscles, cartilage, and spinal discs as well as the organs. Once this imaging is completed, our doctors and radiologists are able to examine your images and make more accurate decisions about a diagnosis and treatment plan.

How AICA Snellville Helps

When you visit AICA Snellville, you are able to work with a multidisciplinary team of specialists in order to understand what about your spine is causing pain and discomfort. With diagnostic imaging and years of experience, we are able to create personalized care designed to help you fully recover from any spinal condition. Our goal is for you to return to a high quality of life and normal activity as soon as possible.

Our spinal care is based on the most recent and innovative research that allows us to offer evidence-based care, advanced technology, and provide outstanding care. Depending on your needs you may see a different type of provider, but the team at AICA Snellville works holistically to ensure your health is strong in all aspects.

AICA Snellville Neurologists and Neurosurgeons

A neurologist focuses on issues involving the nerves, including spinal cord disorders. If your spinal condition is related to nervous issues, a neurologist can provide injections to trigger points that relieve pain, as well as nerve blocks or epidural injections. Neurologists will also be able to perform assessments of your spine to determine if there is nerve dysfunction present.

When a case is more serious, it may require surgery. Our neurosurgeons are able to perform a range of surgeries on the spinal cord or spine to repair these problems using a range of advanced techniques like endoscopic spine surgery and spinal laser surgery.

AICA Snellville Chiropractors

Many spinal issues are due to a misalignment of the vertebrae, which can cause more serious problems down the line. A chiropractor uses manual adjustments to realign the spine, relieve pressure on nerves or pinched nerves, and repair the root cause of spinal pain. Even when other conditions develop, chiropractic adjustments can help address overall health or prevent more injuries from occurring in the future.

AICA Snellville Physical Therapists

As a part of most treatment plans, a physical therapist can assist you with a specialized exercise program to aid healing and strengthen the muscles. These exercises can also improve range of motion and posture in the long term. While physical therapy aims for non-invasive solutions, it can also be paired with injections that bring relief during treatment.

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If you are experiencing any pain or symptoms of a spinal condition, you can consult with the AICA Snellville spine doctors now to begin your recovery process. Call us today and we will answer your questions and set up your first appointment.