Never Ignore Lower Back Pain

Jan 3, 2013

Never Ignore Lower Back PainThe most common medical complaint is low back pain. The lower back is the source of so much pain because it carries most of body weight. Repetitive stress from exercise, bad posture, sedimentary lifestyle, injury and a high BMI are the source of most sprains and strains of the lower back. With treatment, low back pain is resolved within a couple of sessions, but in worse cases back pain is a chronic condition that requires more treatment.

Being the most common medical complaint in the US, back pain is a multimillion dollar industry, where gimmicks and quick fixes are marketed to people in pain. There aren’t any shortcuts to a healthy back. You either receive the correct treatment or you do not get better. Untreated back pain can lead to a lifetime of pain.

Chiropractors see a lot of patients who have low back pain. The majority of the people who show up at our door either have back pain or neck pain. Most people can expect to have back pain within their lifetime— One of the consequences of walking upright. Chiropractors treat back pain by adjusting the spine and by providing exercises that strengthen the body. A misaligned spine either causes back pain or it doesn’t allow the spine to properly heal. Spinal manipulation therapy is used to align the spine, so that the body can use its natural healing abilities to help patients get better. Along with spinal manipulation therapy, chiropractors use electrical stimulation and cold lasers to reduce pain and inflammation. A chiropractic treatment has a better record in helping chronic low back pain sufferers than medication. Our chiropractors aim to heal the source of the problem and not simply the symptoms. Spine adjustments directly remedies the issues that most low back pain sufferers have.