Bad Posture Is Killing Your Body

Feb 7, 2013

Bad-Posture-Is-Killing-Your-BodyYour bad posture is killing your body. Posture is more than how erect your stand and how you align your body when you sit down. Sitting in front of a computer everyday can really cause issues with your body. How often do you pay attention to your sitting posture? Do you slouch down, do you keep both feet on the ground and is your computer monitor positioned in the ideal spot? Habitual misalignment of the body can take the body out of alignment. Most people do not know the proper way to sit in a chair for comfort and a healthy body.

What is proper posture?

We know that improper posture can cause acute and chronic back pain, but what exactly is proper posture? Proper posture is using the body in the most biomechanically efficient manner. What do those fancy words mean? In simplest terms, it means using the body as it was designed to be used. When it comes to sitting in a chair that means using the right contact surfaces of the body, resting your back in the correct position, and using the right muscles to control all of this. Obviously, slouching and leaning over are incorrect sitting postures.

When a good posture isn’t giving you the relief you need for your back pain, visit a chiropractor for a simple stretch or a spinal manipulation.


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