Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain? Chiropractic Can Help!

Apr 7, 2021

Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain Chiropractic Can Help!Whether or not you have a history of back pain, you may have noticed how the shift to working from home has started negatively impacting your body. Work habits have changed for many people and our couches have become our home offices, which is contributing to some uncomfortable symptoms. Chiropractors are seeing more and more clients come in with complaints of back pain and neck pain due to the transition to working from home. If you find yourself searching for a “chiropractor near me” for help with your back pain, you are not alone! Chiropractors are highly skilled and qualified in providing relief from back pain and can even talk with you about how to improve your work from home setup to better support your whole body.

How Can I Prevent Back Pain at Home?

There are certain things you can do to adjust your work from home office setup that can help improve your back pain and also help you avoid any other damage. Here are three tips from a chiropractor near you:

Make time to move!

Moving around when you’re at the office is a bit easier to remember and it tends to happen more naturally, like when you need to go speak to a coworker or take a walk to your favorite lunch spot. When you’re working from home, though, you might be more likely to get stuck in the comfort of your sofa and forget the benefits of stretching your legs. Set a reminder on your phone or computer to get up and move around for a few minutes every hour or so. Even if it’s just a quick lap or two around your home, making time to move helps keep your blood flowing and your spine strong.

Stretch and exercise!

You don’t have to incorporate a full 30 minute or hour-long exercise routine into your day to still gain the benefits of all that stretching and exercising have to offer. There are simple movements you can incorporate into your day that will help stretch your muscles and give you a break from all that sitting. Some stretches can even be done in a seated position! You might even want to take a walk around the block on your lunch break to get some light cardio and fresh air.

Adjust your seat!

Where and how you sit can really affect whether or not you develop back pain. It’s okay if you don’t have an office chair with ergonometric support and there are ways to replicate this experience with things found around your house. Sitting on your bed or sofa isn’t the best choice because it can be too soft and encourage a slouching posture. A comfortable chair can help prevent you from slouching, and you can even use firm pillows to provide your back with more support.

Raise your desk!

If you are looking at screens all day then it helps to elevate them so your laptop or computer is at eye level when you are sitting with proper posture. This can help prevent you from slouching over trying to look at a screen on your lap or a low table. When your screens are awkwardly positioned then you might end up sitting in awkward positions as well, which ends up putting stress and strain on your spine and back muscles. Try stacking your laptop on a few sturdy books or consider a wireless keyboard and mouse to help.

How Can a Chiropractor Near Me Help?

Treat your pain with tips from our Snellville Chiropractors. Chiropractors offer safe, natural solutions to address your back pain without the use of any medications or invasive procedures. Instead, your chiropractor will help you figure out how to practice better posture and strengthen your muscles to help alleviate the stress and strain on your back. This natural, non-invasive approach actually uses your own body’s abilities to address the root cause of your back pain so you can experience lasting relief. You can also visit a chiropractor if you want to prevent back pain from happening in the future. Chiropractors offer preventative maintenance by identifying misalignments in your spine and using manual adjustments to realign the spine and improve your posture. Your chiropractor can also talk to you about stretches and exercises that would work best for your body.

For comprehensive care in treating your back pain, visit AICA Orthopedics in Snellville to meet with our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced chiropractors. Contact AICA Snellville today to get started on relieving your work-from-home back pain!



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