What to Expect in Your Chiropractic Appointment

Feb 24, 2015

How to Pick a Good ChiropractorWhat happens in a chiropractor’s office in Snellville? We thought you’d never ask.

For starters, this is going to be better than your typical doctor’s office, because you’re going to have options that you never thought you could get – if you play your cards right. Do your research, make sure the office you choose has orthopedic doctors on call, and the option of physical and therapy. These are all the domain of the doctor of chiropractic, which is based around not the traditional medicinal model of care, but of a model that casts your body as the prime actor in a drama of wellness.

The chiropractic concept is that you have the innate ability to heal when your body is properly aligned. That’s the simple answer to your question in a single sentence. Fleshing it out is a more layered explanation.

The back is designed with joints, surrounded by tissue, housing the spinal cord and nerves that reach out to every area of your body. Aside from your brain, no other part of your body is so responsible for affecting your wellness via electrical impulses and the sending and receiving of energy. When you align the spine, relieve joints and nerves under pressure, you deliver untold restorative effects to the body.

Your First Visit

This starts with an interview. It’s the traditional office intake, and you’ll get to speak with the chiropractor about why you’re interested in a visit and the professional philosophy of the doctor. This is the time for you to ask about the approach to treatment, and make sure it gels with your ideas of how you want to be treated and your health perceived.

You’ll be asked questions such as when and how your pain started. Where it affects you, how often, and to what degree or intensity. Some injuries begin from an acute trauma, others from a benign repetitive motion that over time comes to hurt you. You’ll also be asked what you feel like makes the pain improve, which can affect the method of treatment.

The exam itself will test your body, joints and back for health, mobility and alignment. This can include your strength, muscle tone, range of motion and neurological transmission capacity. There are tests for all of these, and repairs for any that are found wanting by the chiropractor.

The Adjustment

Additionally, the doctor will check your posture and the general makeup of your skeletal-muscular structure. All of this will result in the chiropractor to embark on a course of treatment, which should start at the first visit, of repairing subluxations in your spine, and any other issues that manipulation can help. Because the changes in one’s back rack up over time, if you’ve never been to the chiropractor, or aren’t very active, you’ll likely have more issues than an active, previously treated patient.