Chiropractic Approach to Weight Loss

Feb 10, 2015

Snellville weight loss chiropractors – sound too good to be true?

If weight loss is what you’re after, you should know that your chiropractors understand. Not only do they have a lot of beneficial treatments, but they can also act as your primary care doctors. So you won’t have to pay as much to see them, and you can get the incredible benefit of regular checkups, alignments and in-office treatments. Chiropractors often have a variety of treatments available, such as nutrition and . All of these, when administered properly, can set you on the fast track to health, that perhaps until now has been elusive.

Weight is a particularly American problem, and the problem is wicked. While on the one hand, we live in a very unhealthy fast food nation, on the other – our emblems of beauty are creatures that cannot subsist on a fast food diet.

While we send the message that everyone must fit a certain body type, we send the conflicting message that we have to super-size portions, and drink gallons of sugar water every week.

What Makes Obesity?

Here are some of the factors that go into obesity, which usually comes over time.

  • Consuming lot’s of sugar in food and drinks
  • Eating too much fat and carbohydrates found in white flour
  • Going out for fast food too often
  • Drinking moderate to high amounts of alcohol – 10% of Americans drink over 70 glasses of alcohol each week!
  • Eating out in restaurants, where you’re likely to eat too much, or not healthily enough
  • Large portions – this can happen anytime, and is a great source of fat buildup over time.
  • Eating when you don’t need to, especially for emotional reasons, is akin to large portions

Exercise – This needs to happen for 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week. It’s helping the engine that keeps you going, and burning that fat that holds you back.

What to Do?

Now, if you want to kick this habit of poor eating, or lack of exercise, you’ve got an option with your chiropractor who is trained in health and wellness. Both through the use of adjustments, and through nutrition and exercise training, your chiropractor is a one stop health shop who can put on the course for the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Sometimes all it takes is to adjust a spinal problem that heals your pressured nerves, and realigns the natural pathways of your body.

Not only that, a good chiropractor will know how to create a lifestyle plan for you. One that will help you get closer to the body you would love.

Part of this is attitude – shop around for the nutritional chiropractor who has a great, positive outlook, and who loves to pass it on.