The Health Effects of A Car Accident

Mar 8, 2019

The Health Effects of A Car Accident | AICA SnellvilleAuto accidents are never cheap, and the burden that may cause may also be in addition to the pain you have endured. Immediately following an extensive car accident, one should always go to the hospital to rule out any type of head injury or internal bleeding.

Chiropractic and Car Accident Injuries

After your visit to the hospital, there are some aspects to consider as the car accident may have left you with a possible underlying condition in which could be best treated by a professional chiropractor. Our Snellville chiropractors have compiled a list of some helpful information in regards to the effects a car accident can have on your body.

What Happens After an Accident?

Most people do not realize that even a minor car accident can lead to soft tissue injuries such as muscle strains, ligaments sprains, bruising, edema, and muscle/ligament tears. If these injuries are left untreated chronic conditions like arthritis may develop. Regardless of the size of the trauma, it can ultimately take a large toll on the body.

Any time your body is jarred or jerked in an unexpected motion, the possibility for injury is there especially in a high impact car accident. During an auto accident, the muscles, ligaments, and facet joints that help support the spine can become inflamed and irritated, causing pain. A manipulation by a chiropractor can help the spine to restore mobility to the joints restricted by a tissue injury. A ligament is what connects the bones together. When these ligaments become stretched similar to that of a rubber band, pain develops.

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