Seeking Chiropractic Care Following an Injury or Accident

Mar 1, 2019

Seeking Chiropractic Care Following an Injury or Accident | AICA SnellvilleOftentimes, when people think of a chiropractor they think of a pain in the back or the pinch in your neck. However, chiropractors are known for being able to treat pain along the spine which is much more than just a quick fix for an ache. Chiropractors are also wonderful outlets for those who have been in an accident or suffered a severe injury. Whether you fell off a ladder, hurt yourself exercising, or got into a car accident, a chiropractor might be just what you need.

What Injuries Do Chiropractors Treat

The most common injury chiropractors see involve injuries to the spine. Neck pain, back pain, and pain anywhere in this region can often be alleviated by a chiropractor but that’s not all. A chiropractor can perform a spinal manipulation which aligns the vertebrae of the spine. The body functions the best when the spine is aligned properly. When the spine is aligned, the rest of the body often feels less pain in the limbs and abdomen.

Check With Your Doctor

Always consult with your primary doctor before seeking treatment for an injury. This is an important step especially if you are already receiving treatment in another form. Chiropractors usually do not conflict with other treatment methods, but it is always best to play it safe.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Research has been done that shows that this treatment approach is not only safe, but effective. For those young and old, those suffering from injury, and even women who are pregnant can get safe treatment from a chiropractor. There are many health benefits to this form of treatment and our patients say they have even seen a boost in their immune system.

Where Can I Find a Chiropractor?

To get chiropractic care to begin treatment for your injury, contact our chiropractors in Snellville. We strongly believe, no one should suffer in pain from an injury. Our chiropractors at AICA Snellville can align your spine and help you maintain a healthier spine and body. Contact us today at (404) 889-8826 for a consultation!


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