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Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture
Dec 23, 2016

Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture | AICA SnellvilleWhen it comes to your back and neck pain, your Chiropractor wants you to know that posture plays a significant role in your overall wellness.

All of those times your mother told you to “sit up straight” and “stop slouching,” she was giving you excellent advice.

If you are struggling to maintain your Chiropractic adjustments or are finding that back and neck pain are common problems for you, the Chiropractors at AICA Snellville want you to be aware of these three tips for improving your posture.

Proven Tips for Improving Your Posture

Improving your posture requires thought and dedication, but the benefits are well worth the effort. When you invest a little bit of time working on your posture, you will notice a reduction in back and neck pain as well as an improved overall appearance.

Below are some proven tips that can help you.

Ask Your Chiropractor to Define Good Posture

First, make sure you understand what good posture is. Your Chiropractor can define good posture for you. Imagine a line running from your shoulders to your waist, and try to keep that line as straight and tall as possible; if you can do that, you’ll be on the right track.

Strengthen Your Core and Initiate Movements from It

Your core is the biggest muscle group in your body.

This means it is the best area for you to focus your posture exercises. Complete workouts that strengthen the abdominal muscles, and then practice using those strong abs to hold yourself upright. If you are tensing your glutes, you are not doing it correctly.

If you are struggling with core strength, consider investing in some Pilates classes. Pilates builds core strength, improves range of motion and enhances flexibility. All of these contribute to better posture.

Create Reminders That Work for You

Lastly, prepare reminders that will work for you. Reminders that work with your daily routine and lifestyle, whether it’s a post-it note on your desk or an app on your smartphone that will encourage you to think about your posture, will usually be the most effective.

Sometimes, good posture just requires a little mindfulness to ensure you are standing or sitting the way you should.

Once you correct your posture, you may notice an improvement in back and neck pain. At AICA Snellville, we want you to enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Take some time to assess your posture and make changes where needed, then follow up with routine visits to your Chiropractor. If you do this, you will enjoy better health and wellness.