5 Ways Children Benefit From Regular Chiropractic Care

Dec 28, 2016

How old do you need to be to receive Chiropractic care from AICA Snellville?


From newborns to toddler, children of all ages can gain significant benefits from active Chiropractic care — introducing them to a lifetime of health and positive wellness.

While there are dozens of reasons why a Chiropractor should become a substantial influence in your child’s healthcare team, we want to discuss a few that our Chiropractors think are pretty important.

Snellville Chiropractic Care for Kids

Here’s a brief synopsis on Chiropractic before we get too far into this topic: The central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) controls how well your body is able to communicate with itself.

Subluxations (when one or more spinal vertebrae become misaligned) create significant stress on surrounding nerves and block proper communication from transferring between the brain, central nervous system, and the rest of the body.

The safe and gentle Chiropractic Adjustment eliminates these barriers (subluxations) that exist in the spinal vertebrae, allowing the central nervous system to communicate with the rest of the body, promoting natural healing and ideal performance.

With this information in mind, here are five reasons your child should see visit one of the experienced Chiropractors at AICA Snellville:

Supports Labor and Delivery

Labor and delivery aren’t just stressful for the mother; the infant also experiences a significant amount of stress caused by the birth process.

Around 2 percent of births in the United States result in physical damage to the child. This percentage is low because most injuries often go unnoticed because they are painless, making it difficult to identify if an injury has taken place.

One of the most effective ways to check your newborn’s health after delivery is through a gentle Chiropractic examination.

Supports A Healthy Immune System

Childhood is rife with bacteria and viruses that lead to coughs, colds, and high temperatures.

Many children today are placed in daycare and it’s difficult to protect them from minor illnesses. As Chiropractors, we’ve seen significant improvement in our patients’ immune health, with patients noticing a decrease in or complete absence of cold symptoms between October and March (cold and flu season), faster recovery times and other positive results.

How does this happen? Well, to put it simply: the nervous system and immune system are directly intertwined and Chiropractic Adjustments help remove barriers between the two systems. Therefore, spinal adjustments create an environment that allows both systems to operate correctly.

In addition, the musculoskeletal, nervous and immune systems are connected to each other through the lymphatic system, which is another critical component of the immune system. Lymph nodes help transfer immune cells throughout the body through the musculoskeletal system in order to help prevent infection.

Chiropractic Serves As An Effective Preventative Care

Isn’t it easier to keep kids healthy than it is to treat them once they’re sick?

Unfortunately, our current approach to health care is mostly based on “sick-care,” which means that if you’re hurt, you go to the doctor; if you’re sick, you go to the doctor – instead of actively visiting a Chiropractor and other wellness providers to help maintain ideal health.

Treat Slip and Fall Injuries

If you are a parent, you understand that as soon as your child begins to crawl, walk, and run – bumps and bruises are inevitable.

Although it’s easy to tell when your kid has suffered a major injury, like a broken arm, it’s much more difficult to notice if your child’s fall on the rug resulted in an unnoticeable injury. Over time, small blemishes can lead to subluxations, which in turn increase the risk of developing long-term health conditions, a decrease in the important curvatures of the spine and other unfavorable results.

A Snellville Chiropractor is an expert in locating subluxations or misalignments and eliminating them.

Give Your Children The Medical Support They Need To Maintain Long-Term Health

You can learn more about Chiropractic care and how it can benefit your children by scheduling an appointment today.

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