8 Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Spine

Oct 16, 2014

Dealing with back discomfort is not an enjoyable experience. However, taking the right measures to keep your spine in order will significantly lower the discomfort and prevent it from returning over time. The habits that you hold throughout the day can determine if you will eventually experience back discomfort.

Here are a few tips to keep your spine healthy:

Move Around

Keeping your body in motion allows it to stay flexible and not settle into place to create poor posture. By walking around, stretching and standing for a couple of minutes, you loosen up and awaken your muscles. It also helps to keep your spine agile so pain doesn’t set in.

Wear Supportive Accessories

Paying attention to the accessories you wear can help maintain a healthy spine. Opting for smaller bags and purses over large totes will reduce the strain on your back, shoulders and neck when carrying contents over time. Also, choosing flat and supportive footwear can maintain a level center of gravity. In contrast, high-heels throw off your balance and take your spine out of alignment. Although larger bags and high heels are popular fashion staples, your spinal health doesn’t take appearance into consideration.

Maintain Proper Posture

Proper posture isn’t used just to show your elegance, but it helps keep your back in line as well. Listen to your mom’s advice and make sure you sit up straight while seated for an extended period of time. This will keep your spine aligned so pressure doesn’t hit your nerves and spark pain.

But Don’t Overdo It

While sustaining good posture is good for your back, it is possible to overdo it and strain your spine in the process. If your posture is too straight and stiff, it’s in an unnatural state and will not be able to move in a flexible manner.

Be Careful When Carrying Things

Heavy items can add a significant amount of pressure to your back that can misalign your spine and cause pain. Pushing heavy items puts less strain on your back than picking up the item or pulling it from place to place. However, if you must pick up a heavy item, make sure you keep the item close to your body and use your legs when lifting to keep the pressure off your back.

Keep Weight Off

Preventing weight gain will not only keep your heart healthy, but will also keep your back strong and flexible. Adding weight only puts more stress on your back, adding to the risk of throwing your back out of alignment. By keeping your weight down, you do not have the extra pounds of pressure that can misalign your spine and aggravate nerves.

Ergonomics In the Workplace

Sitting for eight hours a day can put serious strain on your back. Using ergonomic chairs support your spine and fit to your back, even when you are stationary for long periods of time. Small pillows can also be used for lumbar support in the event your office does not use ergonomic chairs.

Also, place your computer screen at eye level so your neck doesn’t have to unnaturally bend in order to see the screen. This prevents you from slouching when working and allows you to keep you back straight.

Know-How To Treat the Pain

In the event that you do find yourself with excruciating back pain, don’t let it get any worse. Put some ice on the pained area to calm down any possible inflammation. Stretching helps to keep the spine loose and strengthens back muscles to help with the healing process. If these methods do not help, seek chiropractic care to evaluate and treat your pain and discomfort.