Why Your Cell Phone Is Hurting Your Health

Why Your Cell Phone Is Hurting Your Health | AICA SnellvilleFace it; we’re on our phones and computers every day. Whether you’re typing away at a keyboard, uploading a picture to a social media site, or sending a text to a friend—you’re plugged into technology all the time.

Prevent some long-term effects from these repetitive tasks with our a few tricks and tips offered by the Chiropractors at AICA Snellville.

Text Thumb

As indicated by the name, text thumb is when you experience pain or discomfort in the wrist and/or thumb, due to repetitive movements when typing on small, handheld devices.

Text Neck

Not long after Blackberry thumb became a buzz word, text neck arrived on the scene. Chiropractors and medical doctors warn that slumping over your phone can lead to a forward head position, headaches, neck strain and discomfort.

Bonus Tips! Desktop & Laptop

Aside from all the texting, you are likely spend some time at a laptop or desktop computer which can also lead to repetitive use injury and strain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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