Three Ways Car Accident Doctors Treat Chronic Back Pain In Snellville

May 4, 2015

If you are experiencing back pain from a recent car accident, it’s important that you seek treatment from a car accident doctor. Chronic back pain as a result of a car accident may feel like any other kind of back pain to you, but it requires special treatment.

Car accident doctors specialize in the treatment of car accident injuries. They know the best forms of treatment and how to get proper insurance compensation for those treatments. Here are three ways car accident doctors treat chronic back pain in Snellville:

Injury Screening

An injury screening will help your doctor identify and diagnose any apparent injuries by assessing your range of motion, flexibility, strength and degree of pain. Information taken from this screening will help determine your treatment needs.

The best time to get an injury screening is within 24 hours of your accident, but the screening can still provide valuable information if it’s done later. A typical injury screening only takes about 30 minutes and an x-ray may be taken to eliminate the possibility of fractures.

Treatment and Schedule

Your doctor will arrange a schedule of treatments based on the results of your screening. Treatments may include a combination of chiropractic adjustments, therapy, physiotherapy, electric stimulation, ultrasound, traction and other techniques.

These treatments are intended to provide relief and help your injuries heal correctly, preventing chronic stiffness and pain from developing in the future. Chronic back pain can also be a symptom of a serious problem, such as a herniated or ruptured disk, osteoporosis or other degenerative changes.

If left untreated, chronic back pain can have a negative effect on everything else in your life. It can wear you down, physically and emotionally, with some sufferers even developing symptoms of depression.

Paperwork and Compensation

When you are injured in a car accident, it’s important to see a doctor who knows how to properly document and file all of your injury and treatment information. If your information is improperly documented or filed, you might not qualify for the insurance compensation you deserve, and not all doctors are familiar with the process.

Some doctors won’t treat car accident victims at all, outside of emergency situations, because they don’t want the risk of being pulled into a lawsuit if things get ugly. Car accident doctors are willing and prepared for that possibility, and can be a vital part of ensuring your accident injury is recognized and covered by insurance if things progress to court.