Three Common Car Accident Injuries Treated with Snellville Chiropractic Care

Image result for three common car accident injuriesLong after everything has calmed down, and the damage to your vehicle is repaired, a car accident can still create a significant amount of physical trauma.

During a collision, it’s easy for your musculoskeletal system to sustain critical damage, causing particular misalignments that have the potential to develop into chronic back and neck pain.

Car Accident Injuries

In fact, even auto collisions at speeds as slow as 10 miles per hour (mph) can lead to severe neck injuries like Whiplash.

Unfortunately, a significant amount of car accident injury victims avoid Chiropractic treatment for several weeks to a few months, believing that their injuries will naturally heal on their own.

The reality is that various car accident injuries demand prompt Chiropractic treatment to prevent the build-up of scar tissue, which can trigger chronic pain and prevent you from healing properly.

Snellville Chiropractic Naturally Treats Car Accident Injuries

At AICA, our team of experienced Snellville car accident injury Chiropractors has provided natural treatment solutions for the greater Atlanta community for over 20 years; an accomplishment that speaks directly to our ability to provide immediate pain relief and treat injuries at their source.

If you were recently involved in a car accident near Snellville, call our clinic to schedule a free consultation or a complete examination.

Three Car Accident Injuries Treated With Snellville Chiropractic

Wondering whether Chiropractic treatment is worth looking into?

Consider the following three common auto injuries that our team successfully treats on a regular basis.


The force of any sudden impact associated with a car collision can push your cervical spine beyond its normal comfortable limit.

When this takes place, car accident victims often experience chronic neck pain, frequent migraines and difficulty concentrating.

Chiropractic Adjustments are extremely efficient for realigning your cervical spine and eliminating pain.

Sore or Sensitive Muscles

When your neck is abruptly whipped in one particular direction and then the opposite, the soft tissues in your neck can quickly become strained or torn.

Car accident injury patients may be unable to turn their heads from side to side depending on the type of damage sustained.

Corrective Chiropractic treatment and controlled exercises can help restore your neck’s mobility in just a few sessions.

Herniated disc

Although seatbelts serve as an important life-saving device, it also prevents your lower body from responding naturally to a car collision.

Because of how restricted you are when buckled up, your body may lunge forward, while your pelvis remains sitting in one place – creating an environment that is conducive for sustaining a herniated disc.

Through adjustments, deep tissue massage, and corrective exercises, our car accident injury Chiropractors can address a herniated disc in next to no time.

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