Sit Tall, Your Back Depends On It!

Aug 14, 2019

Sit Tall, Your Back Depends On It! | AICA SnellvilleEvery career has its own challenges. When we think of some careers we immediately think of how physically taxing they can be but we often disregard those jobs such as office workers and think they catch a break, but the truth is, they don’t! Working in an office can be physically demanding in ways we wouldn’t think of and lead to health problems, but don’t worry, there are solutions!

How To Stay Fit At Your Desk

With so many advancements in technology, many Americans, 80 percent in fact are able to sit all day while performing their duties at work. Now, this may sound like a convenience and even lead to more productivity in some cases but in regards to your health, this can be as dangerous as smoking.

When sitting for long periods of time without breaks the muscles weaken, the joints become tight, the lower back is strained and there even becomes an increased risk of heart disease. How do you avoid these troubles? Get up and move throughout the day or try some of these tricks to help get you away from your desk for a few extra minutes to help stretch out your muscles and loosen the joints:

  • Take a one to three minute break every half hour to stand or walk
  • Get a standing desk
  • Always use the stairs
  • Print items at the furthest printer from your desk

Poor Posture, Huge Problems

When working hard at your desk, although it may be one more thing to remember, it may be the most important, always remember to have proper posture. Having proper posture may not sound like something that can affect your health but over time poor posture can gravely affect your muscles and force them to work harder when performing even simpler tasks.

Poor circulation and digestion issues are also related to poor posture as is stress to the spine. When the spine is strain there is a good chance you will have an increased risk of headaches. Here are some helpful tips to keep your posture in the best shape and you feeling your best:

  • Ensure that your work space is working for you: In order to avoid neck strain and slouching, the bottom of your computer screen should be level with your eyes and at a distance of 30 inches away from your face.
  • Sitting in first class: When selecting an office chair, make sure that it’s not only comfortable but that your elbows hips and knees are always at a 90 degree angle for optimal posture. If you’re feet don’t rest comfortably on the floor, invest in a footstool so the lower back is not strained.
  • When carrying your work bag: Make sure that the weight isn’t overbearing as that can cause strains to the neck and back. If the bag has one strap, switch sides often so one shoulder is not being overworked more than the other and if possible purchase a bag that you can wear across your body so the weight is more evenly distributed. Rolling bags are also another great option to take the heat off the neck and back.

The Solution

Making small changes in the office to increase the amount of time standing versus sitting, changing the way a bag is carried, and adjusting posture are all great ways to improve your quality of health in and out of the office.

However, seeking care from a chiropractor may help jump start the healing and correct years of bad posture in addition to the other changes. Chiropractors are skilled doctors who specialize in treating the musculoskeletal system and can help correct and treat damage done from years of poor posture in the office.

When the body is forced to perform repetitive motions coupled with poor posture, the bones and ligaments suffer and therefore need what’s called an adjustment. These adjustments can help heal neck and back aches as well as headaches and much more! If you have strained your back or have had poor posture in the office over the years, contact our Snellville chiropractors today for a consultation! Contact us at (404) 889-8826.