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Neck Pain? Why Chiropractic and Exercise Are Better Than Drugs
Sep 14, 2016

Pain Radiating in the Neck | AICA SnellvilleWhen you see a chiropractor or begin an exercise regimen – even a light one – it will do more to relieve your neck pain than medication.

Contrary to a common prescription, this study shows it takes more than masking symptoms to heal your back and neck effectively.

The biggest benefit, by comparison, is accomplished by actual work carried out on the spine itself. It will be in the form of manipulation by a Snellville chiropractor for neck pain, or muscle building through exercise.


The Power of Movement

Chiropractic care or simple workouts easily performed at home are more effective at reducing neck and back pain than aspirin, ibuprofen or narcotic drugs.


Many Patients Experience Acute Neck Pain

This is important news for the thousands of people who suffer from neck pain that is moderate to severe, which results in millions of doctor visits and tremendous expenses every year.

Sometimes pain and stiff joints have little explanation, other than age. For many, there are injuries, weaknesses or periods of sitting too long that lead to pain. Physical therapy, spinal manipulation and pain medication are all typically forms of treatment.


How Well Did People in the Study Do?

According to the study, there were two groups of people – one medicated and one not medicated. In 12 weeks, those who did not use drugs had improved much more than those who had.

• 57 percent of those who saw chiropractors
• 48 percent of those who exercised experienced
• 33 percent of those who were medicated

…experienced a 75 percent drop in pain.


The Problem with Medication

Aside from scoring lowest in positive result, the medicated group became dependent on the medications. The doses had to be increased to continue with the same experience of pain relief.

One more problem with this is that long term medication use results in additional problems, such as abdominal symptoms.

Finally, those who took medication were removed from empowerment over their own care. The ability to exercise at home puts power to heal in the hands of the patient.

This is an important precept of chiropractic. It’s noteworthy that those who received real chiropractic care and in-person advice experienced a higher level of wellness than either of the other two groups.

That being said, one great benefit of chiropractic care is that it gives people who are in pain – or unmotivated – the ability to start moving on their own. And that is the underpinning of healing a painful back.

Moving heals your neck better than medication.

Now that you’ve seen the research, why not schedule an appointment with AICA, and receive the full benefit of neck pain relief from experts in your neighborhood. Call 404-889-8826 today.