Kids Need Chiropractic Care After Auto Accidents Too

May 18, 2021

Kids Need Chiropractic Care After Auto Accidents TooGetting into an auto accident is a stressful experience for everyone involved, but it is even more stressful when your kids are involved. If you’ve been in a car accident and you sustained any injuries, then you want to get your kids checked out too. There are a lot of additional safety protocols in place to help protect kids in the event of a car accident, but a Snellville chiropractor can check them out for any injuries and utilize safe, natural treatments appropriate for young, growing bodies.

How Car Accidents Can Affect Kids

Kids’ car seats and safety features are better than ever and can help hold your child’s body in place and help soften the blow of an auto accident. The safety ratings and designs have improved, like with extra padding, the five-point safety harnesses, and booster seats available depending on the age of your children. However, even children’s car seats with the highest ratings can’t always keep your kids completely out of harm.

It is possible for their little bodies to be subjected to extreme force of impact and lead to car accident injuries. As with the driver and adult passengers in the vehicle, the force of the impact can cause the head and neck to whip forward and snap backward. While the upper body and trunk are typically well-restrained with appropriate safety features, the head and neck are still susceptible to the intense force of the car accident and thus to getting injured.

Common Injuries in Kids

As with adults, whiplash injury can affect kids too because of how the head and neck are less restrained than the rest of the body. The sudden collision and force of impact can cause the neck muscles to strain as the head and neck are jostled around. Supportive sides and structure of car seats can help prevent the arms and legs from flailing about too much, but it is possible to sustain scrapes, bruises, and worse to the extremities as well. Children are also vulnerable to chest and back injuries during an accident. Broken glass or debris from the accident can also potentially harm kids and any other passengers in the vehicle. Additionally, the stress and trauma of an accident can linger with children and cause them to experience trouble sleeping, bed-wetting, and even nightmares.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Kids

You take your children’s health as seriously as your own and that’s why you want to trust their health and well-being to the best. The pain from whiplash or other common car accident injuries can linger for days or weeks, and injuries can affect kids’ bodies differently than adults. Here are a few ways chiropractic care may be the best choice for you and your family.

Natural and Safe Treatments

Chiropractic care offers a natural and safe approach to treating your child’s health and wellness. Chiropractors do not prescribe medications and do not use invasive treatment approaches. Instead, chiropractic treatments for children and adults alike are safe, gentle, and noninvasive. Chiropractors use gentle, therapeutic techniques to address injuries and support healing and recovery.

Supports Kids’ Growing Bodies

Kids’ bodies are still growing and developing, including their brains, their nervous system, and their bones. When they suffer an injury, their bodies respond differently than adults and chiropractors know how to address spinal development and prevent issues from affecting further growth and development. Whether your child suffers a head injury or a broken bone, their body will require healing, even if that healing time is different than yours as an adult. Instead of using drugs and medications, chiropractic care supports the healing abilities of your child’s body to repair itself.

Promotes Recovery and Resilience

When your kids experience chiropractic care, your Snellville chiropractor may use gentle, safe adjustments to address any misalignments in the spine and joints that are contributing to pain and dysfunction. This helps your child’s body to be able to function well and for their brain to communicate effectively. When your kids’ spine is aligned properly it can help relieve pain, stress, and even help them sleep better at night. Chiropractic care can help adults and kids both experience a full recovery after a car accident.

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