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How Your Snellville Chiropractor Can Relieve Pain Without Surgery
Aug 18, 2016

chiropractor pain without surgeryThere are many roads to dom from pain, but they don’t have to lead where you don’t want to go. If you’re concerned the medicinal side of care for your back is going to lead you into the surgeon’s bench, you don’t need to worry.

Your medical doctor will probably refer you to a Snellville chiropractor if you’re experiencing back pain. From there, you have many steps that can lead you to a pain- life, before any talk of surgery.

In fact, the reason you should go to the chiropractor is that it can bring you relief without intensive treatment, or at least put a hold on intensive treatment for a longer period of time.

Traditional Chiropractic Care

Your first experience at the chiropractor may be an X-ray. Additionally, the most advanced clinics will have access to MRI, which are incredibly handy when determining any soft tissue and joint damage.

The chiropractor will check your posture and likely offer some form of spinal adjustment, which can be with or without instruments. There are many chiropractic techniques that can help every inch of the spine, pelvis, and joints.

These therapies help you take control of your health. Chiropractors believe your body can often heal itself when given the help it needs.

Ultrasound Isn’t Just For Babies

Some chiropractic clinics offer ultrasound treatment. These are sound waves used to create deep heat inside of your joints and soft tissues. It can increase the blood flow to affected areas and speed healing in hard to reach areas. This can reduce pain, stiff movement and muscle spasm.

Cold Laser Therapy

Similar in experience to ultrasound, cold laser therapy uses a low intensity laser for soft tissue, helping it to heal in painful areas of the back and joints. Not every clinic offers this kind of treatment.

Water Therapy

The use of water can also improve the back health of chiropractic patients. This kind of therapy harnesses the body’s natural response to cold and hot temperatures in water as a form of healing.

Cold water can be used to numb the nervous system’s response to pain and accelerate healing through promoting blood flow through areas affected by injury.

Bruce Lee Did It, Now You Can Too

Electrical muscle stimulation comes in different forms. Electrodes are put onto the skin and then send impulses to various regions in the body that can lower inflammation and stop the spasm of muscles.

The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, or TENS unit, is the most well known of these treatment devices. It has electrodes that can be put onto the painful area of the body, and electrical intensity can be adjusted.

Traction Can Help Your Posture

The more traditional technique of traction is a form of chiropractic that helps the body stretch and gain movement. Traction can stretch the spine, take pressure off the vertebral discs and nerve roots – relieving the patient of pain.

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