AICA Snellville’s Car Accident Doctors Advice For Reacting After A Car Accident

Sep 13, 2017

Car accidents can take place at any moment without warning, creating a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for those involved. The stress associated with most car accidents can create a sense of panic that prevents accident victims from reacting appropriately. If you are involved in a car accident, contact our Snellville Car Accident Doctors to schedule an immediate appointment. Having an experienced Car Accident Doctor examine your condition and provide appropriate treatment gives you the best chance to prevent chronic pain and permanent damage.

Reacting After A Car Accident

Georgia’s Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that each person experiences a car accident once every 18 to 20 years. Although you are not able to prepare for the impact of an accident, you can take proactive measures that allow you to react in ways that protect your health and legal rights.

Keep An Emergency Car Accident Kit Inside Your Vehicle

It’s important to keep an emergency car accident kit inside your vehicle at all times in case of a crash. Make sure that your emergency kit includes flares, first aid supplies, warning triangles, and seatbelt cutters. It’s also imperative to keep a copy of your insurance provider, registration, and a list of emergency contacts in your glove compartment in case you are not able to communicate with responders.

Do Not Leave The Scene of an Accident

When a car accident occurs, do not leave the scene even if you are not responsible for the collision. It doesn’t matter who is at-fault or what the conditions of the accident are; you can be charged with a hit-and-run violation if you do not remain onsite until the police arrive.

Call The Police and Report the Car Accident

Calling the police is the first thing you should do in the event of a car crash. Dial 911 and let the dispatcher know what happened, where you are located, and if you believe you are injured.

Take Plenty of Pictures of the Damage

If you are healthy enough and in a safe location to leave your vehicle, try to take pictures of the damages you and the other driver(s) sustained. Using your smartphone device, take pictures of the vehicles involved, skid marks that may exist, and any obvious physical trauma you may have sustained. These images can be used to justify compensation if you should have to file a personal injury claim.

Contact Our Snellville Car Accident Doctors for Immediate Treatment

It’s important to contact our Snellville Car Accident Doctors within 72 hours of a collision to prevent chronic pain and other debilitating conditions from developing. AICA Snellville is the community’s most experienced car accident injury center that specializes in treating injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system. We help hundreds of car accident victims overcome their injuries and can help you, too.

Contact or call our office immediately following a car accident to schedule a complete examination. Just dial (404) 889-8826.