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6 Most Commonly Broken Bones in Car Accidents

Jul 23, 2021

Broken bones are possible when you have been in a car accident. Unfortunately, you can even suffer a broken bone if you were wearing your seat belt or if the airbag deployed as it is supposed to in this type of event. There are over 200 bones in the body and it is possible to break one of those in a traumatic event like a car accident. These types of injuries can be complex and you want to see a Snellville car accident doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating these types of injuries all the time. It is important to see a car accident doctor after you have been in any type of wreck to get checked out and set a broken bone as soon as possible.

Common Fractures After a Car Accident

If you visited urgent care or the emergency room after a car accident then your doctor may have run an X-ray or CT scan to determine if you have a fracture. A fracture is the medical term for what is more commonly referred to as a broken bone. There are many types of fractures, including broken bones that you might think of when children fall off the monkey bars and end up with a brightly colored cast. Broken bones can happen to adults too, and they don’t always require a cast to set. In fact, some fractures, known as hairline fractures, can look like a small crack in a bone but can still cause severe symptoms and pain.

The 6 Most Commonly Broken Bones You Can Get from a Car Accident

The force of impact from a car accident can lead to serious injuries, including broken bones in the head, chest, arms, and legs. Here are 6 examples of the most commonly broken bones and how they might occur during a car accident.


Head injuries are common from a car accident, especially if the person wasn’t wearing a seat belt. While the seat belt can’t protect you from every little injury, it can help hold your upper body in place so there is less of a chance that your head will hit the windshield or dashboard. The airbags also help to soften the blow of the accident. However, it is possible to hit you hard enough to cause a traumatic brain injury or a skull fracture.


The breastbone is the common term for what doctors refer to as the sternum. The breastbone or sternum is the area where your ribcage joins together at the center of your chest. A seatbelt is typically worn from shoulder to hip and crosses over your breastbone. In some cases, the force of impact between two vehicles can cause you to strain too hard against the seat belt and put enough pressure on the sternum to lead to a fracture.


The clavicle is the medical term for what is more commonly known as the collarbone. This bone runs from your shoulder across the top of your chest on both sides and is more delicate than other bones in the body, which makes it more susceptible to a fracture. Similar to a fracture of the sternum, the pressure and strain of the seat belt against your collarbone due to the strong force from the wreck can actually lead to a fracture.

Arm Bones

It is natural to want to put your hands or arms out to protect yourself when you see something heading your way. In a car accident, you might try to brace yourself by putting your hands on the dashboard or protect your face by raising your arms in front of your head. However, this can also end up leading to a broken bone. Wrist injuries are common from bracing your hands against the dashboard or steering wheel. Arm bone injuries can also occur and are commonly treated with a hard cast for a set period of time.

Leg Bones

Unfortunately, it is possible to break part of your leg in a serious car accident. A front-end collision or side-impact collision can damage the structure of the car and end up damaging your legs. Your legs may become pinned under the dashboard, which can put too much pressure on the bones in your legs, ankles, and feet, and lead to a break.

Spinal Vertebrae

Back and neck pain is most common after a car accident because of how the wreck impacts the spine. The strong force can put too much pressure and stress on the spine and can even cause a fracture to one of the vertebrae that make up your spine.

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