6 Calls to Make Immediately After a Car Accident

Nov 10, 2021

6 Calls to Make Immediately After a Car AccidentYou’ve just been involved in a car accident. Whether it was a small fender bender or a head-on collision, you are probably in shock and not sure what to do next. Once you and your car have moved to safety, if possible, you’ll need to start taking steps to ensure you are safe and protected. But who do you call first- your insurance, your car accident chiropractor, or someone else? To take some of this stress off, we’ve compiled a list of the right calls to make and when to make them.

1. 911

If you or another party is obviously or severely injured, it seems obvious to call 911. Even if you think a bystander might have done so, you should contact emergency services just to be sure someone arrives quickly. If anyone is in need of first aid, transport to the hospital, or removal from a vehicle, these first responders will be critical.

But it can also be important to call 911 for other reasons. Some states require you to call 911 and file a report if certain amounts of property damage or injury are present. And even if they don’t, getting a police report and additional witnesses could be helpful with any legal proceedings or insurance claims that arise.

2. Your Loved Ones

Once you are safe and able, you’ll want to call your loved ones and let them know what happened. This may help you stay calm or give a warning as to why you won’t be at your destination. They may even have advice on specific mechanics, doctors, or others to call. Plus, you will probably need a ride.

3. A Car Accident Chiropractor

Unless you are taken to the hospital by ambulance, you’ll leave the scene of an accident and need to seek medical care. Even if you feel completely fine, that doesn’t mean you can skip a visit to the doctor. Many car accident injuries have delayed symptoms, meaning you won’t know they occurred for hours, days, or even weeks; meanwhile, the injury is present and possibly being exacerbated.

A skilled chiropractor will know what to look for after an accident to identify these injuries early and create treatment plans to help you recover effectively. In addition to the medical necessity, visiting a doctor early can also positively impact insurance claims, which will require medical documentation.

While you may have a wonderful family doctor you see, it’s recommended you seek out a specialist rather than a primary care provider in these cases. PCPs will usually not be trained to identify these injuries and may simply refer you out to a specialist. Chiropractors that specialize in car accidents know that these events aren’t planned and will usually take walk-ins, getting you care more quickly.

4. A Lawyer

If there is any question as to who was at fault in the accident or what the next steps are, you will end up working with an attorney to ensure your rights are protected. It’s best to find someone before you speak to the insurance company and begin moving through the claims process. A lawyer will help you determine what to tell the insurance company and when to help with your claim, as well as advise on what other steps you should take.

5. The Insurance Company

Once you have a lawyer, you will have to speak with at least one insurance company, but most likely both yours and the provider for the other party that was involved in the crash. It’s required that you report the crash early, and you will likely continue to have discussions with your representative until all claims are settled and complete. They can also help you understand what your coverage looks like and what to expect as you move forward.

6. Your Mechanic

If your vehicle was damaged in any way, you will need it to be repaired eventually. You’ll want to make sure you have documentation of the damage and a quote for the repair to send to the insurance company to determine the amount of your claim. You should find a trustworthy mechanic, and even if your car was taken to a nearby shop after the accident, you can have it moved to be sure you are treated fairly.

If you are in need of medical care after a car accident, contact AICA Snellville to meet with a car accident chiropractor and our extended team of specialists.