5 Most Popular Chiropractic Treatments For Relieving Neck and Back Pain

Dec 18, 2015

5 Most Popular Chiropractic Treatments For Relieving Neck and Back PainChiropractic techniques are developed on the premise that your body is able to heal itself at a faster rate, if it’s given the right resources to do so.

The types of techniques Chiropractors use to treat a wide variety of conditions and diseases connected to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems help relieve pain, tension, and improve mobility.

Reliving Neck and Back Pain

If you are suffering from neck and/or back pain, our Snellville Chiropractors predominantly use the following five techniques to treat these types of conditions.

The Diversified Technique

This particular method is used to adjust disc herniations that are connected to the lumbar area of your back. The Diversified Technique offers immediate relief for leg and back pain, while also supporting wrist flexion for patients who suffer from carpal tunnel.

One of the more popular techniques used, it involves a thrust of the hand that is counter resisted by a table or block. The result most patients experience is a loud popping sound that ultimately restores functionality to your joints and improves your neurological function.

Applied Kinesiology

This is a type of sports therapy that focuses on your bones and the muscles that hold them in position. Used to treat knee conditions and restore balance to muscles that are connected to misaligned bones, it is often accomplished by applying pressure to specific parts of your body that are sensitive and/or in pain.

Chiropractors tend to use this specific technique to test and see how a patient’s body is performing and functioning.

The Gonstead Technique

Your physician may use this particular technique to locate where the correct adjustments should be made throughout your body.

An X-ray is used to offer a detailed analysis of your spine and help identify the specific areas that need adjustments.

One of the safest techniques used within Chiropractic medicine and is a common resource for pregnant women, children, and senior citizens.

Logan Basic Technique

This technique utilizes a gentle, controlled pressure that is applied at the base of your spine. The pressure used to apply this technique allows the bones in your lower back area to realign with those found in your spine, which can help relieve headaches and lower back pain.

The Logan Basic Technique is primarily used to restore balance and help reduce tension hilt up throughout the back. It is a common form of physical rehabilitation for people of all ages.

Self Chiropractic

While most Chiropractors do not recommend trying various techniques without professional supervision, there are a few methods that you can do at home to help reduce your pain in-between office visits.

Applying damp heat and ice to the areas of your body that are in pain is a perfectly safe way to address any pain, before you are able to see your doctor.

Depending on your condition and the extent of your symptoms, your doctor might recommend yoga and stretching as a means for reducing tightness and increasing your mobility.