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Snellville Spine Care | AICA SnellvilleAny care plan with AICA Snellville starts with an evaluation from one of our board-certified Chiropractors. Because our priority is helping you heal as quickly as possible, all of our patients can be seen and evaluated by our Chiropractic team seven days a week.

What To Expect During Your First Examination

From the very first appointment, you will receive comprehensive treatment designed to expedite the healing process. On that first visit, you will receive a complete chiropractic and orthopedic exam of all of your injuries and X-rays of all necessary areas. All of this will be completed in the office that day.

You will even be able to receive treatment that day for your pain from your chiropractor. All of our Snellville Chiropractors are nationally certified to provide physiotherapy within our offices. Depending on your injury, you could receive a variety of physiotherapy modalities, such as ice, heat, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and even cold laser therapy.

Follow-Up Examinations

Your second visit, your Chiropractor will give you a full report of all x-ray and physical exam findings. Your Chiropractor will also set up your first medical evaluation by our medical staff.

Your Chiropractor and medical doctor will work hand-in-hand to choose the best clinical options as well as draft an initial comprehensive care plan for your injuries. If necessary, the team will order the appropriate MRI along with other potentially necessary diagnostic tools to pinpoint the extent of your injuries.

Pending those results, care can be escalated if needed to our interventional spine specialist, board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Francis Acquah. Dr. Acquah and his team can provide epidurals, facet blocks and other spinal injections and procedures to help address and alleviate any spinal pain throughout your care.

Chiropractic Care That’s Integrated With Physical Therapy

At AICA Snellville, we integrate chiropractic care, medical care and physical therapy options in addition to spinal care into a single comprehensive care plan to ensure our specialists can continue to work on your injury without causing you extensive pain. This combination is not only extremely effective but allows less than 1 percent of our patients to require surgery.

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