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Accident Prevention, General Chiropractic, Injury Recovery | Jan 18, 2017

Common Workplace Injuries Treated By Snellville Chiropractors

Although cases of non-fatal work-related injuries and illnesses continue to decrease in the United States, there are still millions of employees who file worker’s compensation cases each year. These incidents comprise of everything from basic sprains and muscle tears to severe head and neck damage. According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor […]

General Chiropractic | Jan 23, 2017

What Our Snellville Chiropractors Can Do For You

After a car crash, patients are forced to confront many time-sensitive considerations that affect their health. They may have had to take a trip to the emergency department and they have calls to make regarding their car insurance and replacement vehicles. In the midst of these obligatory tasks, it is important to set aside some […]

General Chiropractic | Jan 30, 2017

Finding A Walk-In Chiropractic Clinic in Snellville

We understand that medical attention is most needed in an unexpected situation, and if you’re wondering how to find a walk-in Chiropractic clinic in Snellville, you’ve come to the right place. If there has been an accident, AICA Snellville offers immediate attention for cases when you simply cannot wait.

General Chiropractic | Feb 16, 2017

The Benefits of Snellville Chiropractic Care for Seniors

Chiropractic treatment is aiding millions of senior’s regain control of their lives each year. There are a variety of benefits associated with Snellville Chiropractic treatment, including better balance, enhanced mobility and function, improved strength, increased flexibility, and the reduction/elimination of acute or chronic pain.

General Chiropractic | Feb 23, 2017

Replace Opioids with Chiropractic Care in Snellville

Chronic pain, such as that from back pain and sciatica, negatively impacts many aspects of daily life, including both work and home. Traditional medicine usually treats the pain with prescription medications. Unfortunately, this only treats the symptom (pain) while ignoring the cause of the pain. It has also led to a record number of people […]

Back Pain, General Chiropractic | Mar 9, 2017

Four Reasons Why Walking and Chiropractic Care Go Hand in Hand

As many Snellville Chiropractic patients understand, maintaining a healthy body, staying active and eating healthy are all critical for complementing the benefits of Chiropractic care. Receiving regular spinal adjustments is an excellent way to maintain your body, although adding a few new healthy rituals will only complete your Chiropractic treatment, allowing you to reach your […]

Chronic Fatigue, General Chiropractic | Mar 30, 2017

Feel Exhausted All The Time? There’s Chiropractic Treatment For That!

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can be difficult for a general practitioner to diagnose and treat as there isn’t a particular test that exists, nor are there universal triggers to identify.  Diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome can be a strenuous and challenging task for patients who are already suffering enough.  However, the good news is that our Snellville Chiropractors […]

General Chiropractic | Apr 21, 2017

Never Suffer From Chronic Pain Again with Chiropractic Treatment

When people experience pain on a daily basis, the tendency is to shrug it off or ignore it entirely so they can get through their long work days. While this may be the norm, ignoring or avoiding the issue can exacerbate the issue in the long run. If you suffer from chronic pain, contact our […]

General Chiropractic, Health and Wellness | Sep 6, 2017

Health Benefits Of Ongoing Snellville Chiropractic Treatment

While some patients throughout Snellville only visit a Chiropractor when they’re suffering from a particular health issue like Whiplash, ongoing treatment offers a plethora of benefits for people of all ages. Receiving ongoing Chiropractic Treatment allows you to prevent various chronic conditions from developing with time, allows you to maintain a healthy, well-balanced system, and […]

General Chiropractic, Health and Wellness | Oct 11, 2017

Snellville Chiropractic Care Helps People Of All Ages

People of all ages can benefit from the techniques and recommendations offered by our Snellville Chiropractors. Maintaining a healthy body that’s free of subluxations and is protected from chronic conditions is best supported through regular Chiropractic Care because of its proactive merits. Not only can we treat accident injuries and back pain, but AICA Snellville’s […]

General Chiropractic | Oct 9, 2018

Chiropractic Treatment For Football Players and Fans

It’s football season again and whether you are an athlete on the field or a fan in the stands, there are many similarities to how the joints and muscles are being used and what it takes to keep them functioning properly.

General Chiropractic | Oct 16, 2018

Choose Our Snellville Chiropractors Over Opioids For Pain Relief

Opioid addiction is a disease that has claimed the lives of many. In fact, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, almost thirty thousand people were killed in 2017 from opioid overdose. This number has increased so drastically over the past decade and is already four times higher than just 15 years ago.

General Chiropractic | Mar 15, 2019

How A Chiropractor Can Be Helpful

Any soft tissue injury will take time to heal, so seeing a chiropractor multiple times may be the best treatment plan for you. Our Snellville chiropractors treat their patients through conservative treatments that promote self-healing through rest, physical therapy, and spinal manipulations.

General Chiropractic | May 24, 2019

Chiropractic Myths

After seeing a chiropractor, you most likely want to rave about how you are feeling and how amazing your adjustment was, but what happens when the person you are expressing your experience with doesn’t buy into what you are saying? Not everyone is willing to try new things as there are many myths and misconceptions […]