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The doctors at AICA are board certified and specialize in accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from neck & back pain, auto accident injuries, and slip and fall injuries. Our chiropractors work with licensed therapists, nutritionists, and rehabilitation experts to help your body achieve wellness. We believe that when your spine, neck, and nervous system are from afflictions like sublaxation, you will quickly find tremendous pleasure, energy, and satisfaction in life!

Dr. John Klubenspies | Snellville Chiropractor | AICA
Dr. John Klubenspies

Snellville Clinic Director
Specialty: Flexion Distraction Technique and Manual Decompression.
Enjoys Cars and Traveling.

Dr. Daniel Lundrigan | Snellville Chiropractor | AICA
Dr. Daniel Lundrigan

Snellville Chiropractor
Specialty: Flexion Distraction technique and Manual Decompression.
Enjoys Exercise and Sports.


The staff at our AICA Center are well trained and highly experienced in chiropractic care. When you visit us today, you’ll be greeted warmly and quickly feel at home. Our goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can connect with our staff and feel confident you’re receiving the best treatment possible. We look forward to your visit!


At AICA, we prioritize comprehensive wellness for life. We take pride in our medicinal philosophy that utilizes preventative measures against disease and injury. After treating initial symptoms – like carpal tunnel, chronic headaches, & achiness from fibromyalgia – we encourage our patients to pursue a “wellness lifestyle” that includes periodic chiropractic treatment, proper dieting, regular exercise, and excellent lifestyle habits.

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